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Assista Tarotéame transmissão ao vivo. Canais de TV Spain

Este é um canal de TV da Spain.

Take “Tarotéame” to your daily news store for all breaking of the world news, music, sports, and much other interesting content 24/7 live that will help you stay up to date on the events shaping on around the world.

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 Publicados October 23, 2015, e última modificação 2 years ago.

In Tarotéame we have the best tarot readers, seers and astrologers, experts and professionals such as David Trivín, Iván Pelegrín, Alex González, Eder Larrazábal, Laura González and Cristina Constanza. They will attend you in a personalized, precise, economic, real and 100% confidential way through private consultations. You can call our telephone 24 hours 806.55.80.01 to make your direct consultation in the program, you can also book your private consultation online, your economic tarot and without leaving home. And in case you want to make an appointment or book your consultation paying with Visa, you must call 912.14.28.38. The percentage of successful guesses is truly high thanks to the experience of our tarot players, who have managed to help all their clients by leading their lives and making them a little happier.

Through divination, astrology, numerology, runes, the weekly horoscope, and other Mancias, our tarotist-as will guide you with total responsibility and commitment, they will solve your doubts and concerns, those that torment you and do not allow you to advance. In addition, through this personalized tarot, you can guide your decisions to get what you want. We all have reserved "luck" for our lives, you just have to know how to find it. Sometimes we live our day by day in chains, not knowing that we actually have the key to getting rid of our chains and fly high closer than we think. That is Tarotéame's mission: to put within your reach the keys you need to open your soul and discover what really fills you in life.

We invite you to visit the Taroteame channel because, apart from being able to consult our prestigious tarot readers, so they can help you find your way to happiness with your private consultations, you will find all the content about tarot, astrology, astrological charts or home maps to get to know you in depth and to discover your potentials and talents, purification rituals and magic spells to find love or attract money, cabinet rituals with a specialty in love, work, money and astrology, summer solstice rituals, apple rituals, rituals to attract money, rituals to recover the person you love, or conjurations of reconciliation, as well as weekly horoscopes, runes, biorhythms, palmistry, aura and chakras, auric bodies and much more in our blog.

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