Impact TV Network

Impact TV Network

Assista Impact TV Network on-line de United States sem TV a cabo ou via satélite?
Você não precisa mais de uma assinatura de TV a cabo para assistir. Agora você pode usar nosso fluxo de serviço sem ter TV a cabo ou assinatura via satélite. Você pode até assistir na sua TV! Esta é a melhor maneira de você assistir televisão online.

Assista Impact TV Network TV ao vivo de graça

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Impact TV Network

The best equipment.

The main control panel is the heart of Impact TV. This is the place from which all programs broadcast on the channel are controlled. The main control panel was designed with the latest technology using the latest equipment.

The main transmission stream is at a speed of 270Mbs. The result is the highest image and sound quality. The entire playback process occurs automatically through Crispin Automation.

(Crispin and Impact TV) Every morning, Crispin downloads a list of programs to play and starts broadcasting during the day. It sends commands to the playback equipment through the routers, to which device and when to start playback.

Given the high requirements for quality, manufacturability of equipment, the main format of production selected Digital-Betacam, Sony DVCam. Switching is carried out using the matrix video/audio switch of the well-known American company Pesa SDI 32 × 32. Signal transformations, if necessary, are carried out using high-quality equipment from Ross. Impact Television Network has a complete automation and optimization system of the well-known Crispin company for broadcasting processes, pre-broadcast preparation, access control and archiving.

This modern technology allows all ITN channel equipment used in the automation system, as well as all computer devices controlled by the system, to have a single operating environment.

Tektronix is ​a world-famous company producing tests, measuring instruments, monitors, and generators, which solves measurement problems in the field of telecommunications.

Our story

Inauguration of the 24-hour Impact TV channel on June 5, 2005, at the Grand Marriot Hotel in Sacramento California, USA.

Many famous leaders and representatives of the public, business and church life of America gathered to celebrate this great event. The presentation began with the blessing of Pastor Ray Der, of North Valley Church. Then, the leader of the evening, representative of ITN (Impact Television Network) Alexander Chernetsky, took the place of the pastor:​

“Dear guests, we are witnessing a grand event in the USA, ” Alexander began his speech. - In the century of the rapid development of scientific and technological progress, the days when opponents of the appeared cars walked along the streets with posters protesting against obvious progress have long sunk into oblivion. Too many cars then had opponents. Many people preferred a live horse with a mane and a tail. And in England, for example, the construction of the first railway was greeted with sticks, saying that “an intelligent person will not go on rails.